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Gift Card FAQ

When you click View Product, you will be able to choose from a variety of gift card denominations. After selecting the quantity and denomination of each, your card(s) will be added to your Cart. After checkout, you will receive an email from us with details on each of the cards you have purchased. You can print out each card and give to your family or friends whenever and however you would like. They utilize the gift card just like cash back here on our website. See our additional FAQs for more information.

To redeem a gift card towards your purchase, enter the gift card code during checkout. On the payment entry page, choose the option to “Enter gift card or discount code.” Enter your gift card code and its available balance will be applied to your order. Unused gift card balance will remain on the gift card code and can be used on a future order.

You may purchase multiple gift cards within a single order for any denomination. Each gift card purchased will receive a unique gift card code.

Gift cards do not expire. Jasper Specialty Foods Gift Cards are sold through our website and are valid for online orders through JasperSpecialtyFoods.Com. The gift card is issued through the Jasper Specialty Foods Shopify Store. If you have any issues with redeeming a gift card, please contact us.

You can use a coupon code on an order you are paying for with a gift card but you cannot use a coupon code to purchase gift cards at a discount.

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