Telling The Story

Our Purpose

Jasper Specialty Foods is a multi-generational, family-run operation headquartered in Newman, California specializing in the production of unique almond-related food snacks, confections, and other treats for the specialty food market. From Farm to Market is a slogan often used to epitomize the philosophy of the company in that, first and foremost, we are farmers seeking to grow and produce the finest California almonds by controlling every aspect of the process from planting, farming, harvesting, and processing to packaging, sales and distribution. Some of our popular brands include Nunes Farms, Jake’s Nut Roasters and Jasper Ranch, to name a few.  In all things, we strive to bring the very best to our many fine business partners, friends, and associates. 

Our History

Jasper Specialty Foods acquired the Nunes Farms brand in 2016. The Nunes Farms brand is particularly special to Jasper Specialty Foods as the Nunes family enjoyed a rich association with the Jasper family. The late Art Nunes, founder of the company and Jim Jasper had been great neighbors and friends for many years, often collaborating in the processing and sale of almonds in new and creative ways back in the early days. Jim’s son Jason Jasper, representing the third generation of Jaspers in the almond business, has run a very successful retail operation in the region, producing and selling a variety of unique almond creations as well as other distinctive specialty food items. The connection with the Jaspers over the years made it a natural choice when the Nunes family considered selling their business. Through its acquisition of the Nunes operation, Jasper Specialty Foods continues to produce unique products with the highest level of quality, freshness and creative packaging, and remains dedicated to serving their faithful customers with friendly, honest, reliable and consistent service.

Our Additional Brands

The Jake’s Nut Roasters brand is named after Jake, a fourth-generation member of the Jasper Family who is proud to continue the farming traditions passed down from his predecessors for over 70 years. Every bold flavor in the Jake’s line are made from premium California almonds, dry roasted in small batches to deliver exceptional quality, “Straight from Jake’s Orchard” to you! 


The Jasper Ranch brand brings you almonds grown in our family’s own orchards located in California’s beautiful Central Valley. The unique snacks in the Jasper Ranch lineup are made from premium products and flavorings, while also dry roasted and crafted in small batches to deliver exceptional quality. The Jasper Ranch brand is committed to providing the finest quality products by controlling every aspect of production, from the Farm to the Marketplace. 


Pictured above are members of the Jasper Family:  Jake, fourth generation; Jim, second generation; Jason, third generation and Jaidyn also fourth generation.


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