Jasper Ranch Foods

Jasper Ranch is headquartered in Newman, California surrounded by our own almond orchards. Farmers at our core, we have been growing, processing and selling plantbased proteins for the last 70 years. We are vertically integrated, meaning we control every aspect of the process from planting and harvesting, to processing and packaging, to sales and distribution. 

In addition to growing the best almonds, we are actively involved in developing new flavors, creating custom snack mixes, identifying smart packaging and partnering with our customers on specific projects. At the same time, we always maintain our commitment to small batch processing and exceptional quality. We use California almonds from our own family-run orchards to bring the highest quality products to your table. 

Our delicious products can be found at Stewart & Jasper Orchards Company Stores and fine specialty retailers everywhere. Looking for a specific product? Reach out, we’d be happy to help. 

Jasper Ranch is a proud brand of Jasper Specialty Foods. 

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