Custom Processing

Jasper Specialty Foods not only produces a broad line of specialty products and confections, but we also offer a number of unique custom processing services that have been utilized by many producers over the years to enhance their products or even develop new products or flavors.  Our capabilities include product design and formulation, co-packing, and custom packaging.  Here’s a sample of some of the specialty services we offer: 

Dry Roasting

Our roasting services include small or large batch dry roasting using a forced air operation with a custom-designed, USDA-validated process that achieves a 5-Log kill equivalent to pasteurization.  We also offer oven-roasting options for smaller processes requiring finer attention to temperatures and drying times. 


We have developed multiple methods for applying seasoning to almonds or other nuts.  Our creative food technicians can provide options for producing unique flavors and textures given the seasoning, spice, or zest that you are imagining.  Our processes are typically applied to small batches with great attention to the details required to produce award-winning creations. 

Candy Coating

While we are not primarily a candy company, we do possess the ability to create distinctive confections using some of the finest chocolates and caramels available.  Our own line of chews and toffees are a sweet indication of our unique ability to produce mouthwatering, unforgettable treats.  If you are looking for a custom processor to provide you with options for your particular project, consider giving one of our food technicians a call!  


Bringing a product to market has been a process we have refined over the years.  From the initial idea to the specific formulation and all the way to the distinctive label design and packaging, Jasper Specialty Foods can assist in bringing your product to fruition. Our in-house labeling capabilities allow us to create mockups of possible packaging options, and our packaging partners can provide additional design and development alternatives.  Tap into our years of experience and let us help you bring your creations to life! 


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