From Farm to Market - Our Vertical Integration Story

Jasper Specialty Foods is proud to be a part of our larger family of companies producing California Almonds for the
global market. Our vertical integration provides us with abilities to manage every aspect of production from
developing and managing our orchards to processing and shipping nearly 50M pounds of almonds every year to the
most distinguishing global markets.

Highest Quality Almonds From Our Orchards to You

We are farmers first, managing every aspect of our own orchards.

Employing the latest in soil management, water conservation, and advanced farming techniques.

Always appreciating the richness of our beautiful Central Valley and the vital part we play in meeting the world’s demand for California’s extraordinary agricultural output.

Providing the World with the Finest California Almonds

Our own farming operations handle everything from the development of new orchards to the shaking of nuts at harvest time.

From the orchard, almonds are hulled and shelled in our own plants implementing the latest in material handling and production.

Our processing capabilities allow us to pack nearly 50M pounds annually for the global market.

Respecting Our Environment and Maximizing our Resources

For over 70 years, our operations have operated with a constant focus on sustainability...that’s what farming is all about!

We’re committed to renewable energy with nearly 2 megawatts of solar currently in place.

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